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CCR  Inspiration and Evolution

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This web site is intended to inform the interested diving public about the  Inspiration CCR Rebreather and  Evolution CCR Rebreather or Closed Circuit Rebreather made by Ambient Pressure Diving. The CCR Inspiration Rebreather is delivered in two versions, either as a Classic or Vision electronics version Closed Circuit Rebreather. The CCR Evolution is available with the Vision Electronics only. The CCR Inspiration comes with a 2.5 kilo CO2 axial absorbent canister that filters the Carbon Dioxide - Co2 out of the breathing gas circulating inside the breathing loop while the CCR Evolution does have a 2 kilo Co2 axial absorbent canister. The Classic electronics do not have depth and decompression information available as the Vision electronics have. A special feature on the Vision electronics is the heat sensor that is measuring the usage of the Co2 absorbent material. The CCR Inspiration and CCR Evolution Rebreathers can be used as a nitrox unit, normoxic trimix unit and is trimix capable to a depth of more than 300 feet / 90 meters.

Rebreather diver training does focus on safety and survival skills in order to establish safe CCR diving protocol to prevent and deal with hypercapnia, hyperoxia as well as hypoxia. Training is available here in Mexico or world wide as Matt will travel to your location and train you in your local waters, caves, wrecks or reefs to maximize your time and learning experience. The developement of the CCR Inspiration and CCR Evolution was aimed to enable divers to engage in recreational diving, cave diving, wreck diving and technical diving activities. Purchase of a CCR Inspiration and CCR Evolution Rebreather is available with the ProTec Dive Centers in Playa del Carmen and Tulum, Mexico.  All services, support, diving and training are offered by the ProTec Dive Center's & Advanced Training Facilities ProTec Playa in Playa del Carmen and ProTec Tulum in Tulum within the Riviera Maya between Cancun and Tulum, Mexico. The best Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) Inspiration and Evolution diving as well as CCR Inspiration and CCR Evolution diver training is available through ProTec's commitment to the art of safe CCR diving. At our locations in Mexico we offer Rebreather support in the form of selected Rebreather spare parts, Rebreather tank rental, bailout tank rental, Co2 absorbent (Sodasorb) as well as air and oxygen fills to 3000 psi - 200 bar. For more information about CCR Rebreather training or diving, CCR cave diving and  CCR Rebreather world wide expeditions  please click these links. If you have any questions please e-mail us or read and join our ProTec Dive Center Blog please click here. img1